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Spellcast Episode: 5 - It's Testing Time

Announcing the open beta testing of Critter Catch. Give it a play and let us know what you think. Also Kanye is up to his old VMA tricks, have you pre ordered your new Tesla Model X, and did we learn nothing from the Super Mario Brothers Movie?

To give Critter Catch a try follow the link below.


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Spellcast Episode: 4 - Random bits


In this episode we talk about all the random things we found on the internet this week. Things like the Steam link, the ice caps melting, a new He-Man movie, and Ronda Rousey. Throw in a few wild tangents and some good laughs and you got yourself a podcast.

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Spellcast Episode: 3 - Critter Catch

This week Odachi and Ozy join us in the studio. We take a look at the latest build of Critter Catch, a project Zeus and Odachi have been working on for Spellbook Arcade. We also discuss the ups and downs of drone usage, and what really defines a drone. Plus a Deus Morti word of the day and a brand new 10 divided by 2 list.

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Spellcast Episode: 2 - Undead Hero

A new word of the day from Deus Morti. A top 5 list. And a look at Undead Hero, a new project from Spellbook developer Megaweapon.

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Spellcast Episode: 1 - D.A. Roberts

Author D.A. Roberts returns to the studio to tell us about his latest book, The Lost Legion: Perdition's Flames. We also discuss his plans for his other series the Ragnarok Rising Saga. Deus Morti has a word of the day for us. And I ask D.A. the 7 most important questions of his life.

If you are looking for D.A. Roberts on the interwebs here are some links to check out.

Website: DarkWaterFiction.com
e-mail: DARoberts@DarkWaterFiction.com 
Facebook: Facebook.com/DARobertsAuthor
Twitter: @DARobertsAuthor

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Spellcast Episode: 8-Bit Childhood

Ozy is back once again. Today we reminisce about the good old days. Talking about old school Nintendo games. What part did they play on our career decisions. And we also have a few laughs.

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Spellcast 7-9-15

Talking about games, movies, comic con and celebs being bad.

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Spellcast Season 2 Episode 9

Announcing Spellbook Arcade, we also take a look at another project in development, and Ozzy drops some hints about the future of The Infinite Black.

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Spellcast Season 2 Episode 8

A look at an upcoming game from Spellbook Studio. Talking about all things Marvel. And why pay full price for an OK movie?

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Spellcast Season 2 Episode 7

DeusMorti, Gaterpig and DireMonkey recap the fun and hijinx of a weekend in Philly at Wizard Con. 

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