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Does the classic underdog tale Cool Runnings still hold up? Hop in and hear what we have to say. Also can you spot the Fake News? Find out in our new game #FakeNews

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Does the 1993 motion picture epic action movie Demolition Man still hold up in 2018. We dive deep and find out.

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Short Circuit 2 the classic robot coming alive story from the 80’s, does it still hold up for today’s viewing audience. 3 of the pickiest film viewers this side of the Mississippi try and figure it out.

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Today we confront and try to work through Roper’s crippling fear of clowns. Also are you one of the millions that has your SNES classic ripped from your shopping cart? We break down how launch day went for the highly anticipated retro console. Plus movie reviews and general shenanigans.

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TiB Expansion update, Robot cops in Dubi, Skateboarding world record and Movie reviews from Flick Freaks  


TiB Expansion Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/967658980/the-infinite-black-expansion/updates

Flick Freaks: https://www.youtube.com/flickfreaks

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Sitting down with Youtuber and film critic Andrew from Flick Freaks to discuss how he got into the review business, and what his thoughts are on the current movie scene. Plus all kinds of random new from across the web, and we ask the important question. What past TV show would you like to see rebooted?

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New consoles for Microsoft and Sony are on the horizon. We talk with Shawn from Geek.0 about what you can expect in performance and price point. Also just as Nintendo announces the production shut down of the NES classic they get us hyped for the upcoming SNES classic.

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Aimbots, cheaters and hackers beware. Games are cracking down on your evil ways. We share our feelings about this growing gaming problem. Also more giraffe news and how to spot fake news. And we talk the latest casting choices in the most anticipated movies of the coming year.

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Heroes of Dire has officially landed on steam, and we have all the latest news about the game and future plans. Also Special Guest Shawn from Geek.0 is in the studio to tell us all about his first hand experience with  the Nintendo Switch. Finally Andrew from Flick Freaks is back to break down the best and worst of March cinema.

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DA Roberts returns to the show to talk about the upcoming sequel to his book The Lost Legion. Deus stumbles with words. And a review of February movies from Andrew at Flick Freaks.

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