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Talking about Overwatch and the recent changes to hit the FPS Phenom. Also Starting the Christmas list early this year with fighting robots and a mini sega system. Plus even more deal signings with netflix, we tell you what's coming this fall.

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Spellcast Episode: 38 - Battle Pets

Today we talk with Ozy about some new features coming to Heroes of Dire, also we hear about his experience test driving a Tesla. Plus just in time for Christmas, Nintendo releases a mini NES pre loaded with 30 retro Nintendo games. We also check in with DeusMorti in his quest to catch all the Pokemon. And mobile gambling could be headed to your phone.

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Spellcast Episode: 37 - In A Row?

Back from vacations and kicking some casts. What movie is on the reboot block this time? We have the spoilers. Any plans to swim in sewage? We can help you get suited up. Also Warcraft, It’s not a good movie, It’s not a good movie, It’s just a movie. We share our thoughts on the franchise and where we think the sequels will head. Plus a Deus word of the day.

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