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Spellcast Episode: 36 - E3 wrap up

We said it last week and we’ll say it again. Technology is taking over. This time they are writing movies. Oddly satisfying and fresh if I do say so myself. Also E3 was this week and we have some strong opinions about the field of games coming soon. Plus 2000 year old butter, a boy swims to Alcatraz and back, and a word of the day from Deus.

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Technology is taking over and we have all the latest in the tech frontier. Plus, how much fan service is too much in movies? Are there any new movie stories out there? All that and a word of the day from Deus on this week's Spellcast.

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Spellcast Episode: 34 - Taken Over By Overwatch

Dumb criminals, an ultimate cut of Batman v Superman, Netflix and Bob Ross, and OMG have you heard about Overwatch? The latest addictive title from Blizzard has been released upon the masses and we at Spellbook are not immune to their sirens call. We have the latest on banned cheaters and the most and least fun characters to play. All that plus a new word of the day.

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