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On today’s show we are so excited about yesterday’s Kickstarter launch we can hardly contain ourselves. Incase you missed last night's live stream we recap how you can how you can support Heroes of Dire Via all sorts of social media outlets. Also a  World of Warcraft server with vanilla rules may be in Blizzards crosshairs. And Deus finds a news article only to discover he has been trolled by a fake news site.

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Spellcast Episode: 30 - When Doves Cry

Today the world collectively learns what it sounds like when doves cry. The music world was rocked this morning after hearing of the passing of the Purple One. Today we take a moment and honor the life and legacy of one of the most talented and prolific singers, songwriters, and performers of our time. Also we discuss the future of commercial space travel, the likelihood of mutant space rats, and even a few fun theories about some of Harrison Fords iconic film roles.

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Spellcast Episode: 29 - Coming Attractions

This episode we get the latest from Ozy about the release of Heroes of Dire, Megaweapon is also in the studio and shares a bit more info on a future project called Ear Quest. Also drone racing could be coming to a stadium or ESPN channel near you, check local listings. Deusmorti’s word of the day and how to melt and iPhone. All this and more in this episode of Spellcast.

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Spellcast Episode: 28 - Off The rails

Off the rails in the first two minutes of the show, can we make it back on track, how many topics can we cover, what movies from our childhood still hold up? Find out in this episode of a very special after school episode of Spellcast.

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