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Spellcast Episode: 21 - The Shaming Of Deus

Have you preordered your Delorean? Get one while you can. Deus has trouble with the English language and is it possible the would could really be flat? We discuss all the hubbub all over the twitterverse.

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Spellcast Episode: 20 - Nice Round Number

Nerd news and more from the Trailer Park. We talk about the latest Suicide Squad trailer and what hero shows are coming back to Netflix. Also how technology will save our life, and shipping costs in the future. And even a little edu-tainment thrown in.

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Spellcast Episode: 19 - And The Winner Is...?

The long awaited wrap of up events in The Infinite Black from 2015. Also Oscar nominations are out and we pick our winners. And in case you just won the lottery we have some thoughts on what to spend your millions on.

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Spellcast Episode: 18 - Happy New Year

Welcome to 2016, tonight we delve into Star Wars. Who is Rey, What has Luke been up to, did Chewie fail his life debt to Han? Also we discuss the future of Spellbook News, and oculus rift gets ready to hit the market place, but is it just the 2016 version of the Nintendo Powerglove?

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