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Spellcast Episode: 8 - Girls, Games, and Core Math

On this episode a real life girl stops by the studio and tries to teach DireMonkey some Core Math skills. You can't teach an old Monkey new Math. Also we cover so much game and movie news it can't even be contained in an hour long podcast. Also check out the open beta of Undead Hero at www.undeadhero.com 

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Spellcast Episode: 7 - So Much Nerd

Nerding out with so much game, robot and space news. Also a 2 minute review of The Visit.

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This week, news from The Infinite Black with Ozy and Amcilla. Talking about upcoming movies and reboots. Are lant night talk shows dead? And Space things.

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Spellcast Episode: 5 - It's Testing Time

Announcing the open beta testing of Critter Catch. Give it a play and let us know what you think. Also Kanye is up to his old VMA tricks, have you pre ordered your new Tesla Model X, and did we learn nothing from the Super Mario Brothers Movie?

To give Critter Catch a try follow the link below.


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