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Spellcast Season 2 Episode 6

Will 2015 be a good cinematic year for the comic book nerd? Plenty of options hitting cinemas in the following months. We talk about our favorites. Ozy joins us in the studio to chat about board games and waffles.

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Spellcast Season 2 Episode 5

On this episode of Spellcast Ozy and Holsef are in the studio. Ozy tells us all about the skull system in The Infinite Black and hints at some future plans for the game. Holsef shows off some concept art for Dire. And we discuss our favorite board games.

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Spellcast Season 2 Episode 4

Today we take a look at the entries so far for the Spellbook Easter them Portrait Contest. Amcilla Also stops by the studio to chat about Min Maxing in video games and Life. 

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